Every business wants to thrive. In the second SMME Gameplan Webinar, ELO Consulting Founder and CEO Mario Redlinghys teaches how businesses and entrepreneurs can move from Surviving to Thriving post Day Zero of the South African COVID-19 Lockdown and beyond. 

In this webinar, Redlinghys recaps the challenges of the first webinar and touches on leadership’s importance through uncertain times. Here Are Some Key Points, that is, Challenges At Day 0: 

  1. Whilst lockdown may be over; the world will NOT be as we know it;
  2. We have to reset the way we do business;
  3. There will be significant movement in global culture change;
  4. People will continue living in bubbles for the next 12 to 18 months in fear of obtaining the virus;
  5. Consumers have reset their values, i.e. People now have a greater understanding of what is of importance to them;
  6. Consumer buying decisions will have changed (I.E. ESSENTIAL VERSUS NON-ESSENTIAL)

Watch the webinar to see and hear more! 

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