Introducing the first of six SMME Coaching Webinars hosted by Mario Redlinghys, Founder & CEO of ELO Consulting. The primary purpose of the Webinars is to ensure that SMME’s remain sustainable 

  • During lockdown; 
  • At Day 0 (Uplift of lockdown, and; 
  • Beyond lockdown 

A Breakdown

In Webinar one, Redlinghys reminds SMMEs of the importance of creativity and innovation during times like this one and expands on the following

  1. FOCUS 
    1. What is your strategy? 
    2. Revisit your 2020 goals
    3. Revisit your core structure 
    1. What is your Plan A, B and C? 
    2. Have you thought through a best & worst-case scenario? 
    1. Make sure honesty is a priority 
    2. Communicate externally & internally 
    3. Communication helps manage anxiety (Johari Window, which is, the less someone knows, the more they assume) 
    1. What changes can you make to aid stability? 
    2. Fine-tune your processes — lean businesses with lean structures 
    3. Have you thought of digitalization? 
    4. What about quality improvement?

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