“Given the nature of the crisis, all hands should be on deck, all available tools should be used,”

Christine Lagarde

Is your business using all of the tools available to it to stabilize post-COVID-19? In our sixth SMME Gameplan Webinar, ELO Consulting Founder and CEO, Mario Redlinghys speaks about Stabilisation and what that means pre and post COVID.

Watch to hear Redlinghys delving deeper into the following to help fellow entrepreneurs…

  • Categorising how your business anxieties could help you save and stabilize your business;
  • Leaning on reserves when times get tough and how to employ a give-and-take mindset;
  • Policies and plans of action as crucial elements in the road to recovery;
  • The challenges and realities of mental health in your stabilisation journey;
  • Taking the best option over the easiest option;
  • The importance of authenticity and self-reflection;

and more…

“It’s about putting the business first — and making sure that the business runs for the long term benefit of the business… rather than just you as an individual.”

Mario Redlinghys Founder & CEO, ELO Consulting

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